Extracts from the VDH Show Regulations – FCI-Centenary-Winner-Show & VDH-Europasieger-Show

All exhibitors recognize the VDH Show Regulations upon registration.
Only those purebred dogs are admitted for which a breed standard has been accepted by the FCI and which are registered in a stud book respectively register (livre d’attente) recognized by the FCI. The identification of the registered dogs may be checked (§ 4 No. 1).

Dogs that bite, are ill, are suspected of being ill, are infested with parasites as well as deformed dogs, bitches visibly in whelp, lactating or bitches with their puppies are not permitted into the show area. They are excluded from judgement. Anyone bringing a diseased or ill dog to the show will be liable for any consequences resulting therefrom. Deaf or blind dogs are not permitted to take part in the show where such can be proved. Furthermore castrated dogs are not permitted to take part (§ 4 No. 3), with the exception of the veteran class.

Bitches on heat are allowed to be exhibited at dog shows (§ 4 No. 4).

Any dogs which have demonstrated over-aggressive or snappy behaviour towards people or other dogs at a dog show may be barred from showing on either a temporary or permanent basis (§ 37 No. 4).

The owners of the exhibited dogs are liable for all damages that occur through their dog (§ 8).

Attention! In the show area dogs may only be prepared by combing and brushing without the use of any substances or grooming aids. To tie the dog to so called “gallows” is not allowed. Neither in the Breed nor in the Main Ring shall a dog be presented on a dais (§ 9 No. 6).

Exhibitors acknowledge that gradings/classifications and placings by the judge are undisputable and may not be reconsidered. Insulting the judge or open criticism of his judgement and placing are forbidden (§ 9 No. 1).

The exhibitors are personally responsible for presenting their dogs in due time (§ 9 No. 2).

Pedigrees of entered dogs, performance certificate for working dogs as well as the proof of championship titles are to be presented on request (§ 9 No. 3).

The show organization reserve the right to replace a dog show judge (§ 22).

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