Welcome to Dortmund!

Three founder countries are holding official anniversary exhibitions to celebrate the FCI centenary. In addition to the World Dog Show in Paris and Eurodog in the Netherlands, the FCI Centenary Winner Dog Show will take place in Dortmund from 6 to 8 May 2011 in Dortmund.

Make use of this unique opportunity to win the  FCI-Jahrhundertsieger“”FCI Young Centenary Champion” and the “FCI Centenary Champion”.

At the same time, the German Kennel Club will be holding the European Champions Show – so by registereing twice, you can win further titles and the CACIB during just one weekend.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

100 years of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale, what a fantastic anniversary, that allows us to look back on an impressive, long, long tradition of friendly cooperation among cynologists around the globe. We will be dependent upon and be able to trustfully rely upon an organization that represents our interests in the interplay of political forces in the future. My personal thanks go to those who are the guarantee for this model of success, whether they be top-level leaders or volunteer helpers at the basis. I would like to mention only one individual name, however, Hans Müller, whom we cannot thank enough. The German Kennel Club wishes enjoyment and success to all participants at all anniversary celebrations in all countries – just as our strong association so truly deserves.

Professor Dr. Peter Friedrich (VDH-President)

The FCI Fédération Cynologique (International Kennel Club Federation) was established on 22 May 1911 by five European nations. One hundred years later, the ”FCI-Centerary-Winner-Show“ event will take place in Dortmund and will be the starting point for various special events that will take place in the FCI Centenary Year, 2011. For the first time the CACIB and CACIBreserve winners in Dortmund will obtain points for the overall ”FCI Centenary Champion“. The German Kennel Club (VDH) is guaranteeing smooth running of the FCI-Centenary-Winner-Show, which exhibitors from all the world are expected to attend. Welcome to Dortmund!

Hans Müller (FCI-President)

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